FSM HQ-Horse

FSM Brand HQ-HORSE will perform well on a wide variety of soil types and fertility conditions. HQ-HORSE should be drilled 1/4 to 1/2 inches deep or broadcast and pressed into a firm seed bed. HQHORSE will establish aggressively if soil temperatures are warmer than 50 degrees and moist, but not saturated.

HQ-HORSE should be ready to graze in 4-6 weeks; however avoid turning animals in if soil
is soft or grass plants can be easily pulled out. Upon reaching 6-8 inches in height HQ-HORSE should be grazed or clipped to 3-4 inches to allow adequate sunlight for the perennial components to establish well. Horse pastures should be grazed until about 35-50% of the paddock is 3-4 inches tall but not more than 10% is below 2 inches.

The remainder should be clipped to similar height after moving the animals to another paddock. From time-to-time, over seeding of high traffic areas may be necessary to maintain a uniform stand. We recommend our Bio-Enhanced pasture fertility program to maintain a beautiful, healthy and durable stand of HQ-HORSE pasture mix.