Barenbrug BarOptima PLUS E34

Tall fescue is a very adaptable species and grows well in dry or wet conditions. It is also winter-hardy and persistant. Tall fescue grows early in the spring and has the potential for high dry-matter production with Nitrogen fertilization. Tall fescue is a good choice for wetlands.

  • Safe
  • Persistent
  • Healthy reproduction
  • Reduced vet costs
  • Stress-free pasture management
  • Increased intake
  • High digestibility
  • Late heading
  • Increased average daily gain

BarOptima PLUS E34 is the next generation forage tall fescue. It is a high energy and high yielding variety, which is bred in association with the revolutionary beneficial endophyte E34.

Traditionally, forage grasses have been defined by two traits: yield and persistence. Barenbrug also places a strong emphasis on a third trait, forage quality. After all, forage quality has a direct effect on animal performance and ultimately on your profits.

Barenbrug has a long tradition of developing high quality forage products. After many years of research, Barenbrug has incorporated all three of these traits (yield, persistence and forage quality) in one product, BarOptima PLUS E34. The technology that brings this all together is E34, a beneficial fungal endophyte that was discovered by the Barenbrug Worldwide Research Team. It was inoculated into Barenbrug elite soft-leaf tall fescue germplasm, which was used to breed the variety BarOptima PLUS E34.

BarOptima PLUS E34 represents Barenbrug’s commitment to the livestock industry and a program of Total Forage Quality (TFQ).

BarOptima PLUS E34 has multiple advantages over Kentucky 31 and other tall fescues. These advantages are best characterized by the words Safe, Sustainable and Profitable. To assure these advantages are delivered ton our producers, maintaining seed quality is the highest priority for Barenbrug.