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As a beef producer, you’re obviously aware that your cost of feed inputs continues to rise. And, if you’re like many other beef producers, you’re looking for alternatives to the high cost of grain.

Providing quality forages to beef producers is what we do… and the recent spike in grain costs has accelerated the number of growers that, for the 1st time, are looking for solid answers in the effort to maintain their operational profit.

In addition to providing quality forages, we’re also beef producers. Review the introductory info here… and if you want to talk about selecting a quality forage program to improve the efficiency and profitability of your beef herd, give us a call today… it’s what we do.

Enterprise Beef Catalog
14 pages of practical, "been there - done that" strategies you can put to use today in your beef operation.
Economics of Beef Production
Our TOP TEN number crunchers to get your financial wheels turning.

Featured Seed Products... for Beef Enterprises

Quality Seeds ... in combination with Bio-Enhanced soil is a Win-Win

Resources to Maximize your Profitability

Featured Insights

Featured Fertility Products... for Beef Enterprises

RECOMMENDED Crop Programs... for Beef Enterprises

Providing Quality Seed and Fertility Products is what we do… but it’s our Crop Programs that pull it all together. 
Give Kevin, or one of our dealers a call today… and we’ll go to work creating a customized program that meets your specific goals.