FSM Brand OPTimum Annual Forage Mix

Agronomic & Performance Characteristics:

  • Late Maturing, wide-leafed (forage) Oats
  • Forage-type Peas
  • Late maturing (forage) spring Triticale

FSM Brand OPTimum is suited for spring or fall production of high quality forage. Our blend of forage Oats, forage Peas and Triticale have been carefully selected for similar maturity windows, high yields, and excellent digestibility. OPTimum can be used as a forage crop or a nurse crop for alfalfa seedlings. In the spring, seed as early as field conditions permit, preferably no later than mid-April in southern Ohio and late-April in northern Ohio. For fall production, seed during August when adequate moisture exists for germination. The best combination of yield and forage quality is obtained by harvesting at approximately 60-65 days after planting when the oats and triticale are in the bootstage (just prior to head emergence). OPTimum will perform well on a wide range of soils throughout Ohio with adequate drainage for timely planting, good water holding capacity through harvest and adequate fertility, including calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. For best results, drill recommended rate of seed 1/2 – 1 inch deep into a firm seed bed. We do not recommend including grasses with alfalfa when using OPTimum as a nurse crop. Producers desiring grasses with their alfalfa can successfully broadcast or no-til them in after the OPTimum has been harvested.

All varieties in FSM Brand OPTimum are non-GMO and untreated, however, always confirm acceptability for organic production with your certifying organization.

FSM Brand OPTimum Annual Forage Mix is a high yielding combination of tall, late maturing, wide leafed oats, similar maturity forage-type spring triticale, and tall, highly digestible forage peas.

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