FSM Brand Promesse Timothy

Agronomic & Performance Characteristics:

  • Medium-early maturity (3-5 days earlier than Climax Timothy)
  • Tolerates competition
  • Extremely persistent
  • Very leafy
  • Excellent leaf disease resistance
  • High quality, palatable forage
  • Superior forage yields (5-10% greater than Climax Timothy)

FSM Brand Promesse timothy will perform well as a high yielding grass hay either alone or in combination with other grasses or legumes. This variety will match maturity more closely with the late maturing orchardgrasses, softleafed tall fescues, and alfalfas we market. Excellent leaf disease tolerance, together with early maturity should make this an ideal variety for horse hay producers in Central and Southern Ohio and other areas where dry hay can typically be made in early June. Promesse is best when seeded in the fall, however, this variety has been bred to tolerate competition and therefore can be successfully frost seeded into small grains, included in mixtures with alfalfa, or spring annual forages. The best combination of yield and forage quality occur when harvested in the boot stage, just before the head emerges. Like other varieties of timothy, Promesse will perform well on a wide range of soils throughout Ohio, including soils with moderate to poor drainage. For best results, sow Promesse no deeper than 1/4 inch into a fie, firm seed bed. Timothy will tolerate poor soil fertility but produces higher yields when supplied with adequate nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

FSM Brand Promesse Timothy is non-GMO and untreated, however, always confirm acceptability for organic production
with your certifying organization.

FSM Brand Promesse Timothy heads in late May making it an excellent companion for late maturing orchardgrass, softleafed tall fescue or alfalfa hay stands.

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FSM Promesse Timothy
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