T-Raptor Hybrid – High quality bridge forage for the summer

  • Multiple grazing brassica with a bulb
  • High energy (80% TDN, 0.8 Nel), 30% crude protein stored feed
  • High leaf to bulb ratio

T-Raptor Hybrid Forage Rape is a mult-graze, brassica that produces a small bulb. Its dry matter is higher proportion of leaves to bulbs than forage turnips like Barkant. T-Raptor is an early maturing variety that is ready for first grazing 50-70 days after planting (3.5 to 4.0 lb/acre). It can be grazed monthly under good management. Ideal for summer supplemental feed, when cool season pastures have slow production feed, it can be planted from early spring through summer.


Brassicas are generally used to increase the grazing season. All brassicas have highly digestible cell walls and very high protein levels. Turnips (Brassica rapa rapa) can either be grazed or harvested and fed direct. Rapes (Brassica napus) can be grazed or cut for direct feeding. Both species can also be used for gree manure. The high production of dry matter both above and below ground level increases organic matter available in the soil.

Download Technical Bulletin: T-Raptor Hybrid
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T-Raptor Hybrid
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