Beef – Summer Grazing & Winter Feed

Download a PDF copy of this management sheet:   Every livestock manager utilizing pasture is concerned about drought.  Rather than having to feed expensive hay or sell animals when your cool season pastures slow down, we recommend planning ahead.  After soil temperatures reach at least 65 degrees in late May, we recommend planting FSM Brand […]

Beef – Rotational Forage

Download a PDF copy of this management sheet:   High yielding, digestible annual forages have a place on every beef operation.  For early spring planting straight or as an alfalfa nurse crop, we recommend Baler forage oats, OPtimum II, or Green Spirit Italian Ryegrass for early summer harvest.  Once soil temperatures reach at least sixty-five […]

Beef – Multi-purpose Pasture Options

Download a PDF copy of this management sheet:   In some years, pastures begin to slow down in early summer and more grazing acres are needed other years, the cattle cant keep up with all the grass.  One way to manage this situation is to plant a portion of the farm to a forage mixture […]

Beef – High Quality Rotational Pasture for Stockers, Replacement Heifers and Cow-Calf Pairs

Download a PDF copy of this management sheet:   Many cattleman have a portion of their farm well-suited to the production of high quality pasture. Generally, soils with good fertility that are not excessively wet or droughty can support high quality pasture grasses with proper management. Soft-leafed tall fescues, like Barenbrugs endophyte-free Bariane or friendly-endophyte […]

Beef – Basic Improvements for Difficult to Manage Permanent Pasture

Download a PDF copy of this management sheet:   Beef production has traditionally been a way of utilizing farmland least suited to crop production.  Therefore, many long-term pastures tend to have soil moisture extremes, steeper slopes and may be untillable due to rocks or trees.  By default, these areas may also be infested with undesirable […]

Beef – Profitable Everyday Pasture for Commercial and Purebred Cow-Calf Producers

Download a PDF copy of this management sheet: Maintaining your cow herd in good condition for the least cost throughout the year is an important key to profitability. With the cost of owning or renting land increasing annually in most areas, improving the carrying capacity of your pasture acres can help your bottom line. Most […]