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Beef - Permanent Pasture
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Beef production has traditionally been a way of utilizing farmland least suited to crop production.  Therefore, many long-term pastures tend to have soil moisture extremes, steeper slopes and may be untillable due to rocks or trees.  By default, these areas may also be infested with undesirable or low quality plant species, like multiflora rose or fescue infected with harmful endophytes.  In relatively open areas with infected fescue, pastures can be improved by frost seeding Alice white clover and/or Wildcat red clover over tightly grazed or trampled areas.

beef-permanent1In some cases with better fertility, BG-34 perennial ryegrass, Bariane or Baroptima+E34 soft-leafed tall fescue and HLR or Snowbelt orchardgrass can be established in the same way helping to dilute the less palatable infected fescue. Occasionally, extreme flood, severe drought, mechanical land clearing or reclamation give opportunity to “start fresh”.  Anytime you renovate a pasture, we recommend either FSM Brand HQ-F or HQ-O pasture mixes to minimize pasture “downtime” and improve long-term production.  For recommendations, review your specific situation with FSM or your local FSM dealer.

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