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Beef - Rotational Forage
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High yielding, digestible annual forages have a place on every beef operation.  For early spring planting straight or as an alfalfa nurse crop, we recommend Baler forage oats, OPtimum II, or Green Spirit Italian Ryegrass for early summer harvest.  Once soil temperatures reach at least sixty-five degrees in late May, plant FSM Brand Cow Candy II, or BMR sorghum-sudan alone or with Barenbrug T-Raptor rape or Barkant turnips.

beef-forage1By establishing before soil moisture becomes lacking, Cow Candy II BMR will develop enough root to produce excellent tonnage on about 25% of the moisture needed to grow corn.  Adding turnips increases the protein content of the forage when grazed or baled.  Green Spirit can be planted after sorghum-sudan, small grains or early corn silage for top quality fall and spring forage.  Aroostook rye and triticale establish well after soybeans or corn silage and produce lots of tonnage for spring harvest.  Discuss your rotational forage needs with your local FSM dealer.


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