FSM Brand Cow Candy II BMR

FSM Brand Cow Candy II BMR is a semi-compact, extremely sweet, type 12, brown midrib sorghum-sudan hybrid that produces excellent yields of highly digestile, high energy summer forage.

FSM Brand Cow Candy II BMR offers superior forage digestibility, drought and disease tolerance, excellent standability and very high leaf retention at harvest! Cow Candy II BMR is widely adaptable to most soils and once established should produce acceptable yields requiring one-third the amount of water needed by corn.

Cow Candy II BMR has performed well hot, dry as well as cool, wet summers in Ohio. Seed alone or with Barkant turnips, T-Raptor or red clover, to increase forage protein levels. Cow Candy II should be drilled or broadcast into a fim seed bed once the soil temperature remains at or above 65 degrees, generally May 25 through August 1st.

Cow Candy II can be mechanically harvested in either one large cutti, preferably just before head emergence; or in multiple cuttings, beginning at 40-50 days and continuing at 30-45 day intervals. It can generally be safely grazed once plants have reached 24 inches in height; however, caution should be used during periods of stress to avoid nitrate poisoning, especially after large applications of nitrogen fertilizer. Harvest Cow Candy II completely before frost to minimize the potential for prussic acid formation. If frosted, allow to completely ensile (6-9 weeks) before feeding. Do not feed to horses.

Untreated FSM Brand Cow Candy II is available, always confirm acceptability for organic production with your certifying organization.