FSM Brand 362-ORG Alfalfa

FSM Brand 362-ORG alfalfa is well suited for organic production on a wide range of soils with moderate to good drainage and adequate fertility. A certified organic variety, 362-ORG is naturally resistant to many common diseases and is very persistent. For best results, drill inoculated seed ¼ to ½ inch deep into a firm seed bed. Untreated seed should be inoculated prior to planting with Myco-Seed Treat Rhizobium to encourage healthy and vigorous seedlings.

We recommend applying our Agri-Energy Organic Alfalfa Fertility Program to enhance the forage quality and enhance nutrient and mineral content and availability. The digestible energy of your harvest can also be increased by incorporating up to 50% of a high quality grass into the seeding. 362-ORG stays dormant throughout the winter, preventing winter kill. Upon breaking dormancy, 362-ORG grows rapidly, producing excellent yields of high quality forage on an aggressive 28-30 day cutting schedule. Cuttings to be made after September 1st should be delayed until after a killing frost.

FSM Brand 362-ORG is a certified organic variety.

FSM Brand 362-ORG alfalfa is a very productive, certified organic variety. Resistance to common diseases and excellent forage quality makes 362-ORG a top choice for certified organic producers.

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