Milkway – Meadow Fescue


  • Effective fiber
  • High energy
  • Highest quality perennial forage
  • Improve butterfat and milk yield

Milkway contains fescue varieties that test and perform well in TMR of high producing dairy cows at University of Wisconsin. Milkway contains high yielding meadow fescue and extremely digestible soft leaf tall fescue cultivars. Milkway is the ideal grass blend for TMR silage production.


Meadow Fescue:

Although very popular in Canada, meadow fescue is seldom used in the USA. This species deserves a better place in the USA forage market. It grows under cool, moist conditions, and tolerates wet and occasionally flooded soils. Once established, it also performs well under drier conditions for making hay or silage. On good soils, meadow fescue surpasses perennial ryegrass in summer production. Meadow fescue is also a good companion to grow with alfalfa.

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