Barenbrug TF-33 Tall Fescue Blend

  • High yielding
  • Out-competes weeds and resistant to most foliar diseases
  • Extremely drough and heat tolerant
  • Excellent choice for non irrigated pasture
  • Endophyte free

This is a unique blend of two high quality tall fescues of European origin. The blend can be used for both grazing and cutting. The components were selected for palatability and digestibility. TF-33 is quick to establish, preventing weeds from becoming a problem in a stand.

Tall Fescue:

Tall fescue is a very adaptable species and grows well in dry or wet conditions. It is also winter-hardy and persistent. Tall fescue grows early in the spring and has the potential for high dry-matter production with Nitrogen fertilization. Tall fescue is a good choice for wetlands.

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