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FSM Brand Banquet Forage Oats

FSM Brand Banquet Forage Oats were selected for superior forage production with relative feed quality surpassing Everleaf 126 and Jerry by 10-15 points*!

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FSM Banquet
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FSM Brand Banquet Forage Oats offer quick establishment, excellent standability and superior yields. The forage quality excels that of other industry favorites with the 30 hour NDFd exceeding 74%! Banquet also demonstrated surprising levels of heat tolerance and very good rust resistance in a recent Pennsylvania trial. Drill 3/4 – 1 inch deep into a firm seed bed. Harvest in the boot stage for highest forage production and best feed quality.


Agronomic & Performance Characteristics

  • Superior forage production
  • Improved forage quality
  • Fast establishment
  • Excellent standability

Variety Development: Non-GMO
Seeding Rate: 100-120#/acre


Additional information


FSM Banquet

FSM Brand Banquet Forage Oats can be treated with Myco-Seed Treat prior to planting for enhanced seedling establishment at a rate of 4oz/100#.

Use an Agri-Energy Hay Fertility Program to supply balanced nutrition throughout the growing season, including, essential calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.