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FSM Brand Prosperity II Certified Organic Red Clover

FSM Brand Prosperity II Red Clover is a certified organic, two to three year variety suited for hay or silage production.

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Agronomic & Performance Characteristics:

  • Rapid Establishment
  • Medium leafed, 2-3 cut variety
  • Average regrowth
  • Very good winterhardiness
  • Certified Organic
  • Good quality, fine stemmed forage
  • Moderate to good forage yields
  • Generally persists 2-3 years

FSM Brand Prosperity II Certified Organic Red Clover is well suited as a forage or nitrogen fixing cover crop for certified organic rotations of two to three years. Prosperity II can be frost-seeded into fall seeded grains for “stubble hay”; added to fall, spring or summer planted annual forages to increase protein, yield and quality; sown alone or with Green Spirit Italian Ryegrass as an economical rotational forage. Prosperity II can also be utilized as a high nitrogen green manure crop. The best combination of yield and forage quality is obtained by harvesting just as the fist blooms appear in each cutti. As with other clovers, Prosperity II will perform well on a wide range of soils throughout Ohio, including soils with moderate to poor drainage. Seed is untreated; therefore, proper rhizobium inoculation is highly recommended. For best results, drill Prosperity II red clover no deeper than 1/2 inch into a firm seed bed. Fertilizer requirements for red clover include adequate calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Although additional fertilizer is not often applied to short term forages or plowdown crops, an Agri-Energy alfalfa program could be used to supply balanced nutrition for maximum yield, forage quality and mineral availability in forages containing red clover.

FSM Brand Prosperity II is an untreated, certified organic variety.

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