FSM Brand Mary Meadow Fescue

Agronomic & Performance Characteristics:

  • Intermediate maturity (heading mid-late May)
  • Rapid regrowth
  • Heat, drought and wet tolerant
  • Superior winterhardiness to both ryegrass and tall fescue!
  • Excellent feed stuff for high producing dairy cows!
  • Good digestibility with a dNDF of 70-85% depending on stage of harvest and season

FSM Brand Mary meadow fescue should be utilized as a component of pasture or haylage swards where extremely dense, highly digestible forage is desired. Mary is an excellent addition to pasture or hay mixtures containing perennial ryegrass, festulolium and/or tall fescue along with white clover, red clover, or alfalfa to enhance the winterhardiness; drought, heat and wet tolerance; and to increase the forage quality. We recommend including 15-40 percent by weight into seed blends. For best results, seed Mary into a firm seed bed when temperature and moisture will
be adequate, but not excessive for at least 30 days after planting (generally March through early May in spring, late August through mid-October in fall). Herbicide is not usually needed, except to
kill or suppress a sod for no-til planting. Fertilizer requirements are similar to other cool season grasses. Mary can generally be harvested in mid-May (before head emergence) and every 30-40
days thereafter through the growing season either mechanically or by grazing. Unimproved or fertilized pasture yields of 3 tons per acre are common; with adequate fertility and moisture, 6-7 tons of dry matter per acre are possible. There are no known endophyte or disease issues associated with livestock consuming meadow fescue pasture or properly stored hay or haylage.

FSM Brand Mary Meadow Fescue is a non-GMO untreated variety, however, always confirm acceptability for organic production with your certifying agency.

FSM Brand Mary Meadow Fescue is a soft highly palatable bunch grass producing extremely nutrient dense, highly digestible forage without harmful endophyte issues for haylage or pasture.

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FSM Mary
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