FSM Brand 417-ML Alfalfa

FSM Brand 417-ML alfalfa is a very leafy, dairy quality forage with an excellent yield potential and excellent disease resistance. 417-ML is very persistent, recovering quickly from each cutting and producing late into the fall with good winterhardiness. For best results, drill inoculated seed ¼ to ½ inch deep into a firm seed bed. Untreated seed should be inoculated prior to planting with Myco-Seed Treat Rhizobium to encourage health and vigor.

Applying one of our customized Agri-Energy Alfalfa Fertility Programs can enhance production of high quality forage with excellent nutrient and mineral availability. The digestible energy of your harvest can also be increased by incorporating up to 50% of a high quality grass into the seeding. 417-ML is well-adapted to an aggressive 28-30 day cutting schedule. Cuttings to be made after September 1st should be delayed until after a killing frost.

Untreated FSM Brand 417-ML is available, however, always confirm acceptability for organic production with your certifying organization

FSM Brand 417-ML is a synthetic alfalfa variety that combines fast recovery, high multifoliate expression, stand persistence and a good disease package. 417-ML delivers high quality hay on an aggressive cutting schedule.

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