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FSM Brand 354-LHR Alfalfa

FSM Brand 354-LHR offers excellent leaf-hopper and disease resistance with above average forage quality and yields. 354-LHR is a quality choice for hay producers avoiding the use of fungicides and insecticides.

Download FSM Technical Bulletin: FSM354-LHR

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FSM Brand 354-LHR alfalfa is well adapted to a wide range of soils, provided they offer moderate to good drainage and adequate fertility. 354-LHR alfalfa features new generation genetics with a high expression of fine glandular hairs, providing extremely high potato leaf-hopper resistance. 354-LHR also offers above average yields, superior disease resistance, and very good forage quality.

For best results, drill inoculated seed ¼ to ½ inch deep into a firm seed bed. Untreated seed should be inoculated prior to planting with Myco-Seed Treat Rhizobium to support seedling health and vigor. Applying one of our Agri-Energy Alfalfa Fertility Programs can enhance forage quality, maximizing nutrient and mineral content and availability. The digestible energy of your harvest can also be increased by incorporating up to 50% of a high quality grass into the seeding. 354-LHR is able to support an aggressive 28-30 day cutting schedule. Cuttings to be made after September 1st should be delayed until after a killing frost.

Untreated FSM Brand 354-LHR is available, however, always confirm acceptability for organic production with your certifying organization.

Additional information

Potato Leaf-hopper

Highly Resistant

Bacterial Wilt:

Highly Resistant

Fusarium Wilt:

Highly Resistant

Phytophtora Root Rot:

Highly Resistant

Anthracnose (Race 1):

Highly Resistant

Aphanomyces Root Rot:


Verticilium Wilt:


Pea Aphid:

Highly Resistant


8.0 (10=best)

Forage Quality:

8.2 (10=best)

Fall Dormancy:

3.6 (1=earliest)

Winter Survival:

2.1 (1=highest)

Cutting Recovery:

8.2 (10=best)

Wheel traffic tolerance:

7.9 (10=best)


Non-GMO variety

Seeding Rate:



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