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Fowler Seed Marketing has developed two unique forage mixes for use with the Ohio Working Lands Buffer Program in the Western Lake Erie Basin.  The program offers $120/acre/year when farmers convert cropland buffer strips 50′-300′ wide into perennial vegetative cover (forage or hay) in sensitive surface water runoff areas for five years.  Both FSM Brand mixtures meet the multi-species and 50% cool season grass requirements of the buffer program with varieties appropriate to poorly drained or moderate to well-drained soils.

Ohio Department of Agriculture Program Producer Agreement and Program Details

FSM LEWLB-WD helps reduce nutrient and sediment run-off with a combination of perennial forage species which also produce a profitable hay crop.  Alfalfa takes up significant amounts of phosphorus making it an important asset for the program.  FSM Brand alfalfas have proven yield punch, winter-hardiness, outstanding disease and pest resistance as well as fine-stems and numerous leaves.   The minimum of 50% cool season grass components include endophyte free tall fescue, late maturing orchardgrass, and Italian ryegrass.

FSM LEWLB-PD combines densely-rooted grasses with moisture tolerant legumes to accomplish the dual goals of reducing sediment and nutrient run-off and productive, quality, cool season grass hay.  In addition to Italian ryegrass, late-maturing timothy, and endophyte-free tall fescue, FSM Brand LEWLB-PD contains trefoil and red clover.  Trefoil is a legume that thrives in soils too wet for alfalfa. When given adequate nutrients, it will contribute yield and protein to hay produced on these soils. Low-pubescence Freedom red clover can last up to 3 years without reseeding.  It is the best choice to maximize the legume component of hay on poorly drained soils with minimal dust and mold issues.