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Livestock manure can be either a valuable asset or a stinky liability! Too often the nutrients found in manure are lost into the air or water creating a bad name for the farming community and inviting restrictive legislation rather than being properly stabilized and recycled for the next crop. In addition, undigested manure is difficult to handle either in a pit or a barn pack. The idea of composting animal and plant waste has been around for centuries; however, many farmers find it time and space prohibitive. Is there a way to digest manure more quickly to minimize the loss of valuable nutrients and offensive odors?

Introducing PT911 from Agri-Energy Resources! PT911 is a microbial product designed to aid in the breakdown of plant and animal waste material while stabilizing volatile (unpleasant smelling) nutrients. It works similarly to the way yogurt is made from milk—by establishing a beneficial microbial culture.

pitIn a manure pit or lagoon, molasses, Brewer’s yeast and hydrogen peroxide are used to prepare the environment for the microbes in PT911 to establish a culture. Once the culture is established, it digests it way through the pit breaking down difficult to handle solids, stabilizing free nitrogen compounds, reducing odors and creating a more uniform solution that can be pumped out more easily and completely. In a barn pack, a solution of molasses, yeast and PT911 should be sprayed periodically before additional bedding is spread. The moisture content and temperature of the pack will influence the rate at which digestion occurs. Without adequate moisture or air the microbes go dormant, therefore, it may be necessary to add water (or pile outside) and mechanically turn the material periodically to adjust the air and moisture content of the pile or pack. If done correctly, the process that naturally takes 9 to twelve weeks and is often incomplete can be accomplished in 6 to 9 weeks producing a more uniform, low-odor, coffee-ground like compost.

Make your neighbors happy and save money by recycling valuable nutrients! Call your local FSM Dealer today and ask about treating your pit or pack with PT911!