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Our family has years of experience raising pork

Hormone Free

The pigs are fed using commercial hormone-free feed from a local mill

Order in Sep.

We typically take orders in September for pork that will be ready in February or March of the following year. We schedule processing dates about the time we buy the baby pigs; therefore, it is strongly recommended to order early!

Review of Cuts & Packaging

A few weeks before the pigs are processed, we will review your cutting and packaging preferences to hopefully ensure that you are satisfied with the cuts you receive. 

Sold by Hanging Weight

Pork is sold based on the hanging weight which is the carcass weight after the hide, head and most of the entrails are removed. Remove of bone & fat reduces packaged weight. The packaged meat that you receive will be somewhat less than the hanging weight depending on how much bone and fat is removed during cutting. The more boneless and ground meat; the less packaged weight you receive.

Factors of Price

Factors determining price include the price of pigs, the cost of feed and the cost of processing, and more

Halves & Quarters

We do our best to give you a reasonable estimate of the price per pound for next year by the end of this year.

To get on the list for the next available pork, do the following:

  1. Call or email Laura Fowler at phone 440-667-5144 or email;
  2. Make the required deposit by sending a check to Fowler Enterprises, 2952 State Route 45 N, Rock Creek, Ohio 44084 or by using the online link to Paypal using your credit card.

We do offer a one-time referral credit to current customers who refer a new customer. Credit is applied to the next purchase after the new referral buys pork.

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