Grass Finished Freezer Beef

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Our family has raised freezer beef for over a quarter century!

Grass Finished

We've specialized in grass-finished beef for the since 2013. ‘Grass-fed’ versus ‘grass-finished’ can be significant, due to impact of grains on the beef or certain allergies. ‘Grass-fed’ typically means that the grass was a significant part of the animal’s diet, but often implies that some grain was used to ‘finish’ the animal. ‘Grass-finished’ refers to animals that were fed completely on grass with no grain.

Improved Grasses

We pay special attention to the health of our soils, grasses, and calves to ensure the best quality product for your family and ours!

Bio-enhanced Fertilizer

Multiple Packers

COVID increased packer challenges, we are now using several different ones.

Cut Selection Walk-through

We continue to do our best to walk you through the custom cuts available to hopefully ensure satisfaction with the cuts you receive.

Sold by Hanging Weight

Hanging weight is the carcass after the head, hide and most of the entrails are removed. The actual weight of the packaged meat that you receive is less depending on how much bone or fat is removed during cutting.

Ground Beef, Boneless Steaks, Soup Bones

Ground beef and boneless steaks or roasts reduce the packaged weight unless you want a lot of soup bones!

Halves & Quarters

We currently offer halves and half-of-halves cut and packaged as close as practicable to your specifications.

For the summer and fall of 2023, the price including processing and packaging is $4.35 per pound of hanging weight.

To get on the list for the next available beef, do the following:

  1. Call or email Laura Fowler at phone 440-667-5144 or email;
  2. Make the required deposit by sending a check to Fowler Enterprises, 2952 State Route 45 N, Rock Creek, Ohio 44084 or by using the online link to Paypal using your credit card.

We do offer a one-time referral credit to current customers who refer a new customer. Credit is applied to the next purchase after the new referral buys beef.

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