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Realistic Yield Expectations

Corn +7.7 bpa Soybean +4.2 bpa

Making Phosphorus Available

B4 is a biological blend that solubilizes phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, zinc and iron that is in the soil and unavailable to your crop.

By growing on the roots of your crops all season, B4 increases the availability of these nutrients to feed your crop… resulting in larger: roots, stalks, leaves, and grain yield.

Applications... available in 3 formulations


Applied on SEED

B4 LiF

Applied in FURROW

B4 LiF

An organic formulation certified by OMRI

Realistic Yield Expectations

Corn +__ bpa Soybean +__ bpa

Plants can make their own Nitrogen

PheNom is a biological that lives inside the plant that converts atmospheric nitrogen to a usable form in the plant. PheNom increases nitrogen availability to feed your crop all season along.

PheNom consists of two endophyte bacteria. 

The 1st bacteria lives inside the plant (endophyte) not in the soil. When foliar applied the bacteria enter the plant when it comes in contact with the stoma (the opening where the plant breathes) on the leaves, stalk, stems and roots. After entering the plant, the bacteria move throughout the plant and live inside the stoma. When your plant breathes PheNom pulls nitrogen out of the air (N2), converts it NH4… which feeds your crop. This greatly increases your nitrogen available to your crop. 

The 2nd bacteria lives in the roots and causes the root to process and metabolize phosphorus faster and more efficiently.

Application... available in 2 formulations


Applied infurrow or as a foliar on all crops

PheNom ST

A seed treatment

Realistic Yield Expectations

Corn +8.5bpa   Soybean +2.2bpa

Power through Crop Stress

Frenzy is a unique enzyme produced by beneficial bacteria. DakotaBIO has developed a way to remove the enzyme from the bacteria and concentrate it to increase the response and benefit to the plant and to increase tank mix compatibilities.

Frenzy affects plants at the mitochondrial level. Frenzy causes an increase in the number and the output of healthy mitochondria. Increasing mitochondria number and output gives the plant the ability to withstand and recover from stress and increase nutrient efficiency.

Mitochondria are in all plant cells, and convert nutrients to energy… which gives crops the best chance against heat, drought, pests, and disease.


Frenzy is best applied with the first herbicide pass on your crop. Frenzy works on all crops, is compatible in tank mixes with herbicides, fungicides, and starter fertilizers, and to be effective, must be in the plant before stress occurs.

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