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Dairy - Lactating Cows
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dairy-lactating-cowsDairymen and nutritionists alike are recognizing the nutritional benefits of high quality grass forage.  For years, farmers have noted that cows often “go up” in milk production when turned out on grass.  Thanks to advances in forage digestibility analysis (NDFd), we now know that improved grasses like Bariane and Baroptima+E34 soft-leafed tall fescue and BG-34 perennial ryegrass, often have digestible energy levels equal or higher than shelled corn with protein levels similar to alfalfa!

Therefore, cows and heifers that consume high quality grass, in the barn or the pasture, perform extremely well.  Grass may also help reduce acidosis and encourage rumen health by stimulating cud chewing, the cow’s natural rumen buffering system.  We recommend that every dairyman consider Barenbrug NutriFiber varieties designed to add highly digestible fiber to dairy cow diets.


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